Corporate Accommodations specializes in affordable, short term apartments and housing solutions across North Carolina that are spacious, comfortable, private, and fully furnished. As the only local corporate housing provider in the area, our woman-owned business prides itself in superior customer service in an attempt to match you with the perfect housing solution in your preferred city.

If you manage or handle temporary housing for your company, Corporate Accommodations offers ways to make your life easy. Our temporary housing packages include several luxuries including but not limited to:

  • Short-term housing starting at 30 days and longer
  • Fully furnished apartments – move-in ready
  • Pro-rated invoices for move-in and move-out
  • All utilities included
  • Furnished housing ready within 24 to 48 hours
  • Community amenities, including modern gym facilities, saltwater pools, pet parks, pet-friendly accommodations & more!

From our extensive houseware and linens to electronics and comfortable modern furniture, our furnished apartments have everything you need to feel right at home. You will be able to enjoy all the comforts of home in your fully furnished temporary apartment that includes a regular kitchen with all the appliances as well as a full-size washer and dryer.

Meet Our Team

Linda – Our Fearless Leader

As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Linda is a person of integrity and determination. Her life experiences propelled her to start this woman-owned, family business. She has built Corporate
Accommodations from the ground up and loves watching it evolve. When asked
about the company, Linda says, “As a full-service housing company, we offer
comprehensive solutions, ensuring a seamless experience for all clients. What
sets us apart is not just our experience but also our local presence, dedicated to
serving our community.”

Weslei – Senior Account Manager

Weslei has embarked on a remarkable journey that spans over two decades in
the industry. With a comprehensive understanding of all facets of the company,
Weslei’s dedication has positioned her as a key figure within the organization.
Colleagues and clients alike recognize her as a reliable, resourceful professional,
capable of handling diverse challenges with poise and efficiency. Weslei’s ability to provide outstanding service has not only cultivated lasting client relationships but has also been integral to the overall success of the business.

Rose – Administrator

Rose has been with the company for 18+ years. Known for her warm and
welcoming personality, Rose plays a crucial role in creating a positive first
impression for the company. Clients, both existing and potential, are greeted by
Rose’s sweet voice, setting a positive and friendly tone right from the start. Her
dedication to excellent customer service is evident in every interaction, and she
takes pride in ensuring that clients feel valued and well taken care of.


Aaron – Procurement Specialist

Aaron possesses a strong foundation in education and a diverse skill set across various business domains. Having attended Bridgewater College, Aaron possesses a solid academic background that serves as the basis for his professional endeavors. Known for his dedication and proficiency, Aaron stands out as a professional who combines academic knowledge with practical expertise. His commitment to excellence and broad business acumen contribute significantly to the success of Corporate Accommodations.


Sarah – Accounting

Sarah brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of corporate finance. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for numbers, Sarah excels in managing all accounts and ensuring financial stability for Corporate Accommodations. She is a dynamic professional with a passion for finance and a flair for connecting with people. With a commitment to excellence and a friendly demeanor, Sarah is an integral part of the Corporate Accommodations team, driving financial success through her unique blend of skills and sociability.


Rachel – Brand and Business Development

Armed with a diverse academic background, Rachel has cultivated a unique blend of cultural knowledge and business acumen. Her primary focus at the company revolves around forging strategic partnerships and implementing innovative approaches to drive business growth. Rachel thrives on connecting with others and building meaningful relationships. Her love for engaging conversations makes her a valuable asset in networking and establishing strong connections within the business community.


Jay – Warehouse Operations Manager

Jay boasts nearly a decade of dedicated service with Corporate Accommodations. Renowned for his unwavering resolve, Jay ensures tasks are completed with precision, even in challenging conditions or when faced with complications. Beyond his professional expertise, Jay is deeply family-oriented, prioritizing a harmonious work-life balance. His wealth of experience and commitment to excellence renders him invaluable in overseeing the intricate logistics of warehouse operations.


Carlos – Warehouse and Delivery Senior Associate

A dark skin man is wearing a black hat and a light blue collared shirt. Carlos has been a dedicated member of Corporate Accommodations for over five years and embodies a perfect blend of competence and warmth. Beyond his work, Carlos is known for his friendly and fun nature, creating a positive atmosphere for colleagues and our guests. His ability to handle trials showcases both competence and resilience. Carlos not only contributes to the company’s success but is a valued team member.

Brandon – Warehouse and Delivery Associate

Brandon, a dedicated professional with over two years of service at our company, stands out for his unwavering commitment and thoughtfulness in his role. Known for his diligence, Brandon completes his work with a commendable sense of urgency, ensuring tasks are executed promptly and efficiently. Brandon’s commitment to delivering results reflects not only his work ethic but also his ability to navigate challenges with efficiency.

Dakota – Intern

Dakota, our dedicated intern, brings a refreshing energy to our team as she assists with guest services. Currently pursuing a degree in Business at UNCG, Dakota seamlessly blends her academic knowledge with practical skills in the workplace. Her sweet demeanor and adaptability make her a joy to work with, as she navigates tasks with ease and goes with the flow. Dakota’s contributions to client interactions and guest services underscore her commitment to enhancing the overall experience during her tenure with our company.

ISAAP Member

ISAAP-Assured-provider-logo-North-CarolinaAs a proud member of The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers, we are one of 198 members collectively operating over 100,000 apartments that comply with quality standards and safety benchmarks throughout North Carolina. We have been awarded with the status of ISAAP Compliance Assured Provider, which means that we meet all prescribed regulations and best practice standards of safety, security, and duty of care and minimum online review quality targets.

The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers advocates for embracing the challenges and opportunities that the shared economy brings to the world of hospitality as well as influencing appropriate government legislation. Aiming to promote debate at a significant level through events, member discussion forums, and member discussion groups, The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers truly values the opportunity to develop professionalism and seniority of the temporary housing industry as it manifests into something truly outstanding. If you have any questions regarding our partnership with The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers, feel free to give us a call at (336) 299-1312.

Giving Back – Corporate Accommodations is proud to be a part of the local community. We love to support local organizations that help to make a positive impact in our communities. We also donate we gently used furniture and housewares to organizations that help set up housing for those in need.

Our North Carolina Partner Companies

  1. Executive Furniture Leasing

Greensboro Corporate Rentals North CarolinaExecutive Furniture Leasing offers a full line of short and long-term furniture rentals in North Carolina. If you need to furnish a home or an apartment we have solutions and would love to help! The minimum lease for our furniture and accessory packages is three months.

Due to our substantial warehousing facility and experienced delivery drivers, we’re able to deliver furniture and accessory packages within 24-48 hours anywhere within our standard delivery area during the normal business week, which is Monday-Friday. We deliver and set up our furniture and accessory packages free of charge to High Point, Greensboro, Burlington, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We will deliver outside of that area for an additional delivery and set-up fee.


      2. SYH Design

SYH Design focuses on visually enhancing clubhouses, apartments, and homes in order to bring out their positive features and craft an inviting and warm environment. If you’re interested in selling your house or know someone who is, home staging is typically the first step to closing the deal.  Home staging is often extremely difficult when the focus rooms are completely empty or filled with clutter and belongings. To enhance the best features of each room, out staging professionals either remix or provide furnishings that truly do make a night-and-day difference.