Feel at home with a modern, fully-furnished short term rental.

When you’re moving to an unfamiliar city or new state, there are two things you find yourself missing more than anything: Family, and home. When that happens, it helps to have a team of knowledgeable experts on your side – new friends who can help you find your new place and make it feel like yours. At Corporate Accommodations, we consider our specialty in our short term rental apartments.

Let us take the stress out of moving to North Carolina by matching you with an apartment that will meet your needs and requirements for any type of relocation.

Short Term Rental Apartments for Every Situation

Short term rental apartments are a perfect solution for families or individuals who have an immediate need for comfortable and safe housing in a flourishing neighborhood. A short-term rental might be the right call for situations like:

  • Your home just sold, and you’re in the process of buying a new one
  • You’re upgrading your house with renovations and need comfortable temporary housing in the meantime
  • You’ve just moved into the Triad region for a new job and need convenient corporate accommodations
  • You’re working remotely and want to see if the Triad is the best place to plant your roots permanently

Whatever your reason, Corporate Accommodations can help you find your ideal temporary home.


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Wherever you are, we just want you to feel at home.