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Open the Service Request form

Please submit your service/maintenance request and we will respond within one business day.


If you have an emergency request, please call 336-299-1312.

Open the Request to Extend your Stay form

Request to Extend Your Stay

Would you like to extend your stay? Please submit your request below.


A request to extend does not guarantee company approval or ensure the unit is available for extension.

Open the Notice to Vacate your Apartment form

Notice to Vacate your Apartment

Please fill out the form below if you would like to vacate your property.


A 30-day written notice to vacate is required prior to vacating the property.

Your notice is not valid unless you receive a written confirmation from Corporate Accommodations via fax or email.

Open the Credit Application form

To fill out the Credit Application, click on the icon below which will open the PDF file, save or print then submit. If you have a question please call our office for assistance. (336) 299-1312

Credit Application