Finding and retaining the best talent is important for Corporate HR Professionals in Jamestown. With our help, we can provide your business in finding ideal temporary housing for employees and contractors. We have 16 years of experience which has allowed us to develop a keen understanding of finding the right fit for temporary employee housing. With our help, we can make the relocation process go as smoothly as possible, allowing you to focus on what’s important – your business.

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Short-Term Lease Apartments in Jamestown

We specialize in finding top-notch temporary employee housing for employees that are cost-effective for HR professionals. Partnering with us means that the entire relocation process for your employees will be properly taken care of. We will help your employees find a temporary home that is convenient, local to your office, and affordable.

Corporate Housing Jamestown, NC Millis and MainEmployees benefits:

  • Comfortable temporary living spaces
  • Apartment sizes for one, two, and three bedrooms
  • Modern home appliances
  • Apartment amenities
  • Pet-friendly
  • Cleaning services available
  • Home office, WIFI, and cable

HR professionals benefits:

  • Short-term housing needs point-of-contact
  • Utilities outlined in invoices for payment distinction
  • Direct e-billing for all invoices
  • Access to guest services professional 24/7
  • Pro-rated invoices for move-in and move-out
  • Apartment set-up within 24-48 hours after request

Not only do both the employees and HR professionals receive benefits by choosing Corporate Accommodations as the source for temporary employee housing, but we also partner with corporate housing teams in states across the country. We can assist in relocation from the states of Texas, New York, California, and more!


Simple Corporate Relocation Services in Jamestown

Corporate Accommodations will help you find the perfect home away from home for your corporate employee! Call our team of corporate housing professionals today at (336) 299-1312. We’ll take care of all the details –you just worry about providing excellent benefits to your employees!


Short-Term Leases For Corporate HR Professionals in Jamestown

Corporate Accommodations would love to help you find the short-term lease and accommodations that make your temporary stay for corporate HR professionals in Jamestown comfortable and affordable.