Greensboro Corporate RentalsMost people would agree that healthcare is important. Without healthcare, it’s safe to say that the world would be a tougher place to live. Having access to affordable healthcare services and providers has become imperative in today’s age that, for some is still very much out of reach. That said, traveling healthcare professionals have been successfully bridging that gap by dedicating their lives to help others, which is a very beautiful thing.

Because rural and remote communities’ populations continue to decrease, the demand for mobile and traveling healthcare professionals is expected to increase exponentially over the next decade or so. With that being said, it’s important that traveling and remote healthcare professionals know that there are temporary housing options available to fit their needs and to make their stay as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.

Our temporary housing options have made dozens of healthcare professionals’ temporary stays as comfortable and as productive as possible.

Corporate Accommodations Knows What’s Important 

Corporate Accommodations has an in-depth understanding of what matters to traveling healthcare professionals while they’re away from home such as numerous locations and amenity and furnishing preferences. Having dealt with dozens of traveling nurses and physicians, along with medical staffing companies and their families, we are confident that we have solutions to make your temporary stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Traveling Nurses, Nurses Aids, and Physicians

The life of a traveling nurse or physician differs case-by-case; in some instances, traveling healthcare professionals enjoy awesome pay, benefits, and perks while enjoying the traveling aspect of their roles. On the other hand, others will have hindered experiences due to their poor temporary housing options.

Because temporary housing options can either make or break your overall experience as a traveling healthcare professional, it’s important to not only have a solid understanding of your expectations and requirements but also have a clear understanding of what your dealbreakers are. Regardless of if you’re staying in a different town or on a new and foreign continent, choosing the most-fitting temporary housing option is imperative! A handful of the most common dealbreakers we have heard from our now-customers include:

  • Third-floor rooms
  • Shared washers and dryers
  • Basic, run-of-the-mill cable packages
  • Poor, first-come-first-serve parking options
  • Lack of sheltered parking
  • Poor location, resulting in prolonged commutes to and from work
  • Failure to accommodate to pets

If you’re planning to move from assignment-to-assignment, be sure to maintain clear communication with your company/employer. In various instances, hiring agencies are the ones required to line up the professionals’ housing arrangements. Don’t give these hiring agencies the opportunity to choose an option that doesn’t work for you. Instead, choose Corporate Accommodations!

Dealing With Medical Staffing Companies

Greensboro Corporate RentalsWhile all situations are different and all medical staffing companies often have different protocols, it’s likely that these companies aren’t exploring every temporary housing option available. By completing research on your own, you can likely avoid any unfitting housing situations that may be set up by a staffing company or agency.

Before you can complete research on your own, you first have to know what to look for. We recommend making a list of pros, cons, and dealbreakers for your new living arrangement. After making this list, create some clarifying questions that you can ask temporary housing representatives in the area which you’re planning to move.

Because several companies offer basic take-it-or-leave-it housing options, traveling healthcare professionals need to have a firm grasp on what will and won’t work for them housing-wise. For example, if you’re a traveling nurse, have had an enjoyable time working with a staffing company, and are impressed with the potential new-and-exciting area, the chances of you accepting the offer based on job responsibility and location are high despite not knowing about the details of your living arrangement. You may consider asking your staffing company about stipends, stipulations, and other housing-related details. It’s better to be safe than sorry, or in this case, it’s better to be safe than it is to have your traveling experience hindered because of poor preparation and communication.

Medical staffing companies or any staffing company for that matter are not mind-readers; they don’t know you prefer quiet living arrangements away from the highway, or that you need your daily commute to be less than 45 minutes. What they do know is they’re expected to do their job, keeping the rest of their team in-sync and their boss or bosses happy.

Patients and Families

If you plan to travel with your family, you will need to not only have all of your ducks in a row but your family’s ducks as well. For example, if you’re planning to bring your toddler along on your journey, you must be prepared to find appropriate daycare services. If you’re the one that will be responsible for transporting your child, be sure to factor the daily to-and-from daycare rides on top of your daily commute to work.

Along with that, be sure to determine a plan for any children you may have in school. While some traveling healthcare professionals opt to homeschool their children, others choose to go the more traditional route by keeping their children enrolled in an orthodox education plan. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you may find daycare programs that also enroll children in some type of education. By keeping education in mind, you’re likely able to avoid any headaches down the road and keep your children up-to-par academically.

If you and your family have pets, be sure to take them into consideration. Check for local nature trails, pet parks, and other pet-friendly environments to determine if an area is suitable for your family or not. Much like humans, pets need to be accommodated to, so this is worth keeping in mind!

Emergencies are bound to happen sooner or later. In case of one, be sure to find local doctors, nurses, and veterinarians ahead of time. By knowing the names of said establishments, you can save yourself the stress of being forced to find out the information last-minute and avoid prolonged, unnecessary trips to nearby cities.


Therefore, finding the best-fitting temporary housing options can make or break your time in a new-and-exciting place. Because several agencies generally set the professionals’ living arrangements, consider pinpointing temporary housing options yourself. Not all traveling healthcare agencies offer housing options. By keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to avoid potential roadblocks and set yourself up for a successful trip.

Hospitals generally recruit numerous different agencies in order to help get their positions filled. It is common for a significant amount of agencies, sometimes hundreds, to staff traveling healthcare professionals at one facility.

Along with this, keep in mind that not all traveling healthcare agencies provide housing. If housing is fully up to you, be sure to utilize every avenue as well as possible. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to other healthcare professionals. Gather a list of questions you have to ensure an adequate temporary housing option is available for you. By having a solid grasp on your housing requirements and standards, you will increase the chance of having the best traveling healthcare experience possible.

A temporary living situation generally requires the same amount of due diligence as a permanent living situation would. Be sure to have a good understanding of your needs vs. wants. For example, just because some amenities sound nice and comfortable does not mean you necessarily need them. At the same token, do not sell yourself short. Living in an uncomfortable living space can be avoided by executing proper research while understanding your needs.

Choose the Right Temporary Living Space For You

There are many reasons Corporate Accommodations’ traveling healthcare clients choose the convenience of the short-term housing such as:

  • The ability to choose from several different temporary housing communities
  • The ability to customize and fine-tune your temporary housing living arrangement to your liking
  • The ability to have access to nearby parks, hospitals, restaurants, breweries, and other favorable landmarks

First floor or third? One bedroom or two? Close to work or close to shopping? Corporate Accommodations offers several temporary housing and short-term lease solutions as well as relocation support for traveling healthcare professionals.  Accommodating any temporary, corporate, or short-term housing needs is our specialty.

Call our team of corporate housing professionals today at (336) 299-1312. We’ll take care of all the details – so all you have to worry about is moving in and getting used to your new city!