furnished apartmentsWhen you’re looking for a new place to rent, should you choose an unfurnished or furnished apartment? While unfurnished apartments are much more common and easy to find, they may not be the right fit for you and the lifestyle or career you want. To help you choose the ideal place to call home, our corporate apartment company is looking at the benefits of furnished apartments so you can choose the option that’s best for you.

No Need to Deal with Packing and Moving

The worst part about moving from one city to another is packing and unpacking. Having to break down a bed, carefully wrap dishes, and load a moving truck only to get to your new location and immediately have to unload and unpack. If you move regularly, this is an exhausting hassle.

Instead, a furnished apartment means you have everything you need right when you walk in the door. The bed is set up, there are dishes and cookware, and you won’t need to dig through boxes to find the coffeepot or towels. For people who work remotely and want to see more of the country and live in new cities, furnished apartments offer the freedom to travel lightly.

No Lease or Flexible Lease Options

Unfurnished apartments typically have 12 month leases (or longer) and trying to break that lease is expensive, if not downright impossible. Furnished apartments are typically designed for people who may only be in town for a short time or who may need to move with little notice. Some locations may have one-month and three month leases, but in most locations, there’s no lease at all aside from signing a document outlining your rights as a tenant and the guidelines of the building. You simply have to provide a set amount of notice prior to leaving, then pack your suitcase and head to the next stop in your journey.

Furnished Apartments Have Utilities Included

Just like how furnished apartments have all the furnishings available, from the bed and sofa to dishes and linens, they also have utilities included. Moving into an unfurnished apartment in a new city often means having to go through the hassle of having utilities put in your name and setting up times to have an internet service provider come out and connect your wi-fi. Instead, you can get to your new city, put down your suitcase, and immediately take a hot shower or turn on Netflix because everything you need is already set up.

Attractive Furnishings and Decorations

Renting a furnished home doesn’t mean you have a couch, bed and kitchen table and not much else. Today’s apartments are fully furnished with everything you need to live comfortably, and this includes seeing to your aesthetic comforts. Artwork, comforters, attractive upholstery, and window coverings are all included in the design so when you walk in, it’s not a sterile, drab space.

Of course, there’s still plenty of opportunity to put your own footprint in your home. Putting your family pictures on a shelf or dresser, adding cheerful rugs and throw pillows, and tossing your favorite cozy blanket over the back of a chair or the couch gives you the opportunity to truly feel at home.

Settle Into a Community

If you know you’ll be in a place for a few months or longer, choosing a furnished apartment over a hotel gives you the ability to become a part of your new city. While hotels are usually near the interstate or local attractions, you want to be near neighborhood shops and restaurants, and close to where you work. Apartments are much more likely to be in a settled neighborhood that helps you get a feel for the city, which can be ideal if you plan on living in town permanently.

Who Benefits from Furnished Apartments?

Are furnished apartments for everyone? Probably not. If you already own an apartment full of furniture, linens, and kitchen items, and you want a long term place to live, an unfurnished rental is probably your best bet. However, students, people who work remotely and want to travel to different cities, or people whose careers require them to move frequently can find a furnished apartment to be convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective.

Find a Furnished Apartment in Greensboro, NC

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