Traveling healthcare professionals live a busy life. While being a travel nurse means you get to serve the community and see the country, it also means you’ll be moving from place to place. Finding comfortable accommodation can get difficult as you don’t stay in one place for too long. Staying in hotels for extended periods can be expensive and house sharing is not always ideal.

The perfect solution for travel nurses is short-term housing. It not only provides short-term leases but ensures you are staying comfortably and are well equipped with everything you need.

At Corporate Accommodations, we offer fully furnished apartments in NC for traveling healthcare professionals in both urban and rural settings across North Carolina. We’re sharing why short-term housing is perfect for travel nurses.

A Short Lease

This is one of the most important benefits of short-term housing. As a travel nurse, your new assignments begin as soon as your current one ends. You are constantly on the move and don’t have time to settle anywhere for long.

Moving into a regular apartment means signing a lease that is at least 6 months long. If you vacate early you’ll have to bear the consequences of breaking a lease. With short-term housing, you can easily sign a short lease and not worry about having to move abruptly.

Fully Furnished

As a travel nurse, you won’t have the time to lug around furniture. The advantage of renting a short-term apartment is that it will come fully furnished. This means that when you’re ready to move in, the apartment will be ready for you! Your bed will be made and your linens will be stocked. All you have to do is bring yourself!

A Kitchen Full of Utensils

One of the biggest drawbacks of constantly moving around is you often have to eat out. This is not only expensive but can also make you homesick and long for your comfort food. A fully furnished short-term rental will come with a fully equipped kitchen as well. That means you’ll have all your stainless appliances and necessary utensils. No need to have to eat out every night!

No Large Security Deposit

If you’re staying in an apartment for a short time, you don’t want to pay a large security deposit. The benefit of renting short-term housing is that they won’t ask for a hefty security deposit. This gives you a more affordable and convenient move-in cost.

All Utilities Included

As a travel nurse, you have a busy and exhaustive lifestyle. You want an accommodation that provides all utilities, ensuring your top comfort. Short-term rental packages include all utilities. You don’t have to worry about any electricity or water bills. Wi-Fi is also included! No need to fret about moving in and setting everything up. The Wi-Fi will be up and running as soon as you set foot in the apartment.

Laundry Services Available

While staying in a hotel, one of your additional expenses is laundry service. As a travel nurse, you’re always going to want to have a pair of fresh scrubs. Short-term rentals come with built-in laundry units to ensure you have convenient laundry services right in your apartment. This will save you both time and money.

Optimal Locations

Corporate Accommodations are generally situated in optimal locations with plenty of facilities nearby. These include medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals where most travel nurses will be working. As a travel nurse, it is not necessary that you’ll have your own car to drive to work. An optimal location with a nearby bus route will make traveling to work much easier.

Pet-Friendly Policy

When you’re constantly traveling you can’t always bring your family members with you. But you can bring your pets! Short-term rental apartments often have a pet-friendly policy with a welcoming community. Most apartments even have a dog park and grooming spa! It’s important for your pet to feel at home too!

Reserve Your Home Away from Home with Corporate Accommodations

If you’re a healthcare professional who is going to be working in North Carolina, reserve your apartment with us! We have a wide variety of temporary apartments available in several cities, including WilmingtonWinston-SalemGreensboroWinston-Salem, and Chapel Hill. To learn more about our short-term rentals, call us at 336-299-1312 to get started!