North Carolina is routinely at the top of Forbes’ Best States for business, quality of life, growth prospects, business costs, raising a family, fastest growing cities, and best place to retire. North Carolina is a hidden oasis of high quality living and working in the south. With all these accolades, there should be no difficulty in relocating to NC for the right career move. The challenge lies in transitioning an out-of-state employee to life in North Carolina. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to make the transition smooth and stress-free. 

There are 4 things that new North Carolinians need to come prepared for when moving to their new state of residence:

The Cost of Living in North Carolina

If the food, sports and community wasn’t enough to make you fall head over heels for North Carolina, the cost of living sure will. The cost of living in North Carolina (as a whole) is 5% lower than the National Average. Housing is 30% lower and utilities are 4% lower. On the other end, given the focus on healthy eating and delicious home cooked meals, grocery costs are 13% higher than the national average. 

Whether you’re residing in temporary housing or seeking relocation services, there should be little concern about commuting complications. The state ranks among the least congested in the United States including Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Durham and Greensboro as best cities for driving in America. In short, your dollar and your mile go further in NC.

Weather in North Carolina 

Geographically, North Carolina is situated between the northern and southern regions of the United States, which means weather falls somewhere in between. While NC is the 30th state most prone to natural disasters, the climate is generally mild. North Carolina has experienced almost every natural disaster, except a volcanic eruption, which doesn’t seem likely for the state in the near future given their geography. Even though the temperatures rarely get over 100 degrees, the humidity levels are astronomical and take some getting used to. It can help greatly when your corporate housing has a pool for those hot summers. 

North Carolina temperatures, while manageable, can rise above 50 degrees in one day, and the humidity is something out of an Amazon Rainforest. Layers is the secret to surviving the weather. When relocating, you will want to make sure that your accommodations and amenities allow for plenty of closet space for these additional layers, wardrobe additions and storm supplies. 

The Community in North Carolina

Life in the south revolves around food, sports and community. In North Carolina, people care about their neighbors and the people who live in the community they reside in. You won’t find a more hospitable environment to live in than North Carolina, because the residents of NC embody “southern hospitality” and welcome all newcomers to the community. 

Whether there is turmoil or celebration, North Carolinians unite together for the greater good, and that usually means sports rivalries. Sports in North Carolina isn’t just sort of a big deal, it is a big deal. From NASCAR, to basketball and football, North Carolina rivalries dig as deep as the “Carolina Clay”. The Duke and UNC Chapel Hill basketball rivalry cannot be escaped anywhere in the state and neither can the on-track rivalries involving racing superstars Earnhardt, Petty, Allison and others. This means that having ample amenities such as televisions and living in close proximity to sports bars, are a must during certain seasons. 

Life in the Tar Heel State (whether you’re a Tar Heel fan or not) is warm, welcoming and always has something going on to be as part of. 

The Food in North Carolina

Food is a staple in the south, so important that it gets mentioned twice. Nothing is taken more seriously in NC than barbeque (and sweet tea). There is a centuries old battle between the best BBQ in the Carolinas; Eastern VS Western. Barbeque experts (yes, it’s a thing) agree on one thing; that they love the taste of BBQ, but that is where the commonalities stop. Eastern North Carolina barbeque is seasoned with a vinegar and spice based sauce, while Western North Carolina barbeque is made from the shoulder of the pig, meaning mainly dark meat, and uses a tomato and vinegar sauce with a thicker consistency. When moving to North Carolina, it’s encouraged to try both styles to make your own decision. But make sure that you are getting your BBQ pit-smoked over wood coals and served with hush puppies and slaw…and don’t forget the signature drink of the South; sweet tea. 

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