No one will argue that moving is a lot of planning and work. It doesn’t matter if you are moving within the same zip code or relocating to another state, the list of tasks you have to perform to get from point A to point B is lengthy. But, if you find yourself in the situation of moving for a job and without a permanent home to move into, you have even more work and planning to do! If you own a home, you may not have enough time to sell it before your new job begins. Or, you may have sold your home, but have no time to find a new one.

There are many considerations that go into your decision of a permanent residence. You may not be familiar with the area you’re moving to, so the geography may be unknown. If you have a family with children in school, you will want to find the schools they’ll attend and be in their school district. These decisions need to be well thought out and shouldn’t be rushed. A temporary housing solution can give you the time to check out all the options and carefully consider finding that “forever home.” Here are some tips for making a transition like this progress smoothly.

Do Research on the Area

Some research ahead of time will set you on a focused path when you’re moving to a new city for a job. Learn about the city you’re moving to, especially the geography, including neighborhoods or areas that are close to the job and schools for your children. Map out daily routes to places that you need to frequent. If you are staying in temporary, extended stay quarters initially, you’ll want to find one that is convenient to these areas.

Get Organized

When you are moving for a job it is important to stay organized and have the right belongings on hand. As you pack, separate and group items you’ll need for an extended period of time while you are searching for a permanent space. Make a plan for how you will transition from one place to another. You’ll want the things that make you feel like you’re home. The children’s toys that are special to them, appropriate clothes for the climate, and other favorite items will keep some sense of normalcy to life as you are on the search for your permanent home.

Use Resources

Be sure to find out if there are resources you can tap into with your new job. Your employer at the new job may offer relocation services or may be able to direct you to contacts that help find temporary housing, making the transition smoother. They may offer assistance for flying you to the new city to get settled. Sometimes, depending on the employer and your role, they may offer to sell or rent your old home and assist with a new one. Employers who move a lot of people will use certain vendors to help employees relocate. All of these resources can be extremely helpful as you transition, so be sure to get as much information as you can.

Consider Short-Term Housing

Short-term housing is a perfect way to ease into the new location and reduce stress when you’re moving for a job and trying to get settled. A huge benefit of temporary housing is that it is fully furnished and serviced. For instance, you have a kitchen that is outfitted with dishes, pots and pans, glasses, and silverware. You have linens for the bedrooms. This makes it super convenient, not to mention less stressful, because all you need to do is bring the personal items you may need for a while and special things that will make it feel like home while you’re there. Most temporary housing offers amenities such as housekeeping, fitness centers, business centers, laundry facilities, and pools. Some extended-stay places even do cookouts for the residents during the week!

Locations for short-term housing are usually in areas that are safe and close to stores, restaurants, entertainment, highways, and airports. Whatever you need is not that far away and commuting is easy!

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