Finding the right accommodations makes the difference between a great vacation and a terrible one. Regardless of the weather, scenery, attractions, and even the food, if the lodgings are cramped, run-down, dirty, or simply not what was advertised, your dream vacation will feel like a disaster. Booking the right place is even more important for a long-term vacation rental since you’re going to be spending more time (and more money!) you want it to fit your needs and feel more like home than a temporary place. To help you choose the best option, we’re looking at the pros and cons of booking through an online vacation rental marketplace, a hotel, or a corporate apartment.

Choosing AirBnB for Your Long Term Vacation Rental

AirBNB, VRBO, and Tripping are a few of the most commonly used vacation rental websites where home and property owners can rent a room, apartment, house, converted van, or auxiliary dwelling unit. These websites are growing in popularity, especially for vacationers, and with many options allowing flexible booking dates and extended stays, they’re especially popular with people looking for long term vacation rentals.


The pros of an AirBNB or similar option include:

  • Renting a house or apartment gives you a more at-home atmosphere and ample space, including full kitchens and outdoor spaces.
  • Near immediate immersion in the new city so you feel at home more quickly.
  • More locations to choose from in neighborhoods or near urban centers so you can have a more curated experience depending on what you want.


The downsides of an AirBNB or similar option include:

  • You’re at the mercy of your hosts.
  • If something breaks down, it may be hard to get maintenance or repairs, especially on a holiday, weekend, or evening.
  • What you see in the images may not tell the full story of what the space is really like.
  • “Furnished” is subjective – some places may provide linens, pots, and pans, others may not.
  • Few, if any, amenities, such as a pool or place to work out.
  • Concerns about cleanliness, particularly intensive, professional level cleaning and disinfecting may not be available.

Choosing to Rent a Hotel for a Long Term Stay

Hotels are typically chosen for shorter stays, but many do have the option for longer rentals, especially those that offer in-room kitchenettes and suites.


Consider the benefits of booking a hotel for an extended vacation:

  • There are more consumer protections in place to ensure what is advertised is what you get.
  • Regular housekeeping services mean you don’t have to worry about spending your vacation cleaning.
  • Linens and surfaces are professionally cleaned and disinfected.
  • It’s easier to find amenities including a pool, exercise space, and business center.


While hotels are great for short vacations, consider the downside to relying on them for a long term vacation rental:

  • Hotels rarely give extended stay discounts and are expensive for a long-term option.
  • Hotel rooms, even those with kitchenettes, often aren’t designed for cooking and other use.
  • Small rooms don’t offer privacy or space to entertain.
  • Hotels feel impersonal and lack personalization for a long term stay.

Choosing a Corporate Apartment for Your Vacation Rental

Corporate apartments are short-term, fully furnished apartments that are designed for stays of a month or longer. Unlike traditional apartments, there’s no lease or credit check, and the booking process is closer to that of a hotel.


Corporate apartments offer the best of both worlds between an AirBNB and a hotel room with the following benefits:

  • Fully furnished with attractive furniture, full kitchens, cookware, and linens.
  • There are separate living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms so there’s privacy and space to have friends to visit.
  • Many apartments have amenities including a pool, playground, and gym.
  • Available housekeeping services help you keep your space clean.
  • Many apartment complexes are located in good areas near restaurants and shopping or preferred attractions.
  • Professional-grade cleaning and disinfecting in between guests.
  • On-site maintenance is available for any issues or malfunctions.


Depending on what you’re looking for in your long term vacation rental, you may experience the following downsides:

  • There are still shared walls unlike renting an entire vacation home.
  • A corporate apartment may not be as immersive as renting from a host or rooming with a local family.
  • A full apartment can be more expensive than renting a single hotel room or a shared room in an AirBNB.

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