If you’re planning an extended vacation, you know you want to rent a place to stay rather than stay in a hotel. Beyond that, you may be struggling to determine what the best option for your vacation rental is and what you need to have the best experience. After all, poor accommodations can ruin your vacation, turning paradise into something much less enjoyable! To help you avoid making the wrong choice, we’re sharing some tips on how to choose the perfect vacation rental.

Preparing to Find Your Vacation Rental

Before you begin searching vacation properties in NC, it’s best to plan out your search process. This way you won’t fall in love with a property only to realize it’s far from where you want to stay or doesn’t have the amenities you need. Tourist destinations like Wilmington, NC have many options to choose so it’s important to look at all your options.

Find the Perfect Location

Whether you want to be near the beach, close to restaurants and nightlife, or you want to be near the family members you’re visiting, location makes up a big part of finding the perfect vacation rental. Look at the city where you’ll be staying on a map and consider where you want to be and create a search radius from there. As you look for your rentals, you can narrow down the search to only look in your target area

Know What You Want

Next, write down your “must-haves” and your “nice-to-haves.” Must-haves may include things like being pet-friendly, a washer and dryer, and wifi. Nice-to-haves are those extra perks you’re looking for but won’t knock a place out of the running if they aren’t there, like a pool or cleaning service.

Consider Options for Your Vacation Rental

When most people think about a vacation rental, they immediately go to Airbnb, but there are actually a wide variety of short-term vacation rental options available. Look for corporate apartments and furnished rentals along with vacation rentals to help you find the right options for your vacation.

How to Narrow Down the Perfect Vacation Rental

If you’ve looked online and have a list of options for vacation rentals, it’s time to start narrowing down the search with these tips.

Read Reviews

User reviews are often the best way to find out the reality of the vacation rental. From cleanliness to responding to maintenance requests, people who have stayed in the rental will be able to provide a more accurate overview.

Consider Cleanliness

One of the factors to finding a vacation rental through a person-to-person website where people are renting out their private property is cleanliness and maintenance. Often, single houses or sublet apartments aren’t kept to the standard of cleanliness that would be expected in a vacation rental to prepare for guests, including sanitization. Corporate apartments are held to a much higher standard and have more strict regulations in place to ensure renter safety.

Consider Fees and Costs

In addition to the rent or payment for your vacation rental, be sure to look for any other additional fees, such as cleaning fees, deposits, pet costs, or other expenses. Also, be sure to factor in adjacent costs, such as going to a laundromat if the rental doesn’t have an in-unit washer and dryer.

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