You are about to embark on a major home renovation project. Soon, your cramped, outdated kitchen will be transformed into a gorgeous, functional space you can be proud to show off. Or maybe you dream of an open floor plan, allowing you to be a part of activities and gatherings, even if you’re cooking. Before your dream home is a reality, the path to get there can be rough. Before renovations start, here are four things to consider about living in your home during construction and the solution that solves your problems.

4 Major Considerations with Home Renovating


A major renovation turns your home into a construction zone. Dust, debris, bare outlets, and piles of supplies take over your home, and not only is it messy and frustrating, it can be dangerous, too. Not only could someone trip and fall, get cut on a sharp edge of fixture, but it can cause serious issues for people with respiratory issues who may be more sensitive to paint and stain fumes, dust, and other particles. Homeowners with children need to be particularly careful about having a renovation completed with young children as they may want to play around areas where work is going on, get into supplies, and possibly get hurt.


Most home renovating involves kitchens and bathrooms, or they may involve multi-room remodels. During this time, the areas being worked on are virtually out of commission. Even when the work crews aren’t actively involved in a project, the spaces are still in varying stages of disrepair that makes them impossible to use. For example, if your kitchen is being renovated, you may not have counters or cabinets for several weeks while the floor plan is being rearranged or you may not have water in your bathrooms while fixtures are being replaced. Trying to cook, get ready for work, or just maneuver through your house becomes incredibly difficult and inconvenient, and you will get tired of living in a construction zone very quickly.


For weeks, work crews will be in and out of your home, painting, putting down flooring, running electrical wiring, and installing fixtures. If you are a stay at home parent, you work from home, or work varying shifts, you won’t have a great deal of privacy or peace and quiet. While they are there working and doing an important job, it can still be unsettling having people coming and going in your home you don’t know.


One of the most frustrating aspects of home renovation is how long it takes. Even moderate kitchen remodels take an average of six to eight weeks while larger renovations where floor plans are updated or walls are removed or put up can take up to 12 weeks. Of course, what originally starts as a four week timeline often extends to two or even three times that. So, the safety factors, lack of convenience of using your home, and absence of privacy can extend for months.

Rent a Short Term Apartment During Your Home Renovation

The easiest solution to these considerations is to rent a short term apartment for families. These are fully-furnished rentals that come with all the comforts of home, all the way to linens and dishes. You and your family just need to bring your clothes and anything you need to make the space feel more like home, such as toys and games for children or decorations and books, and you’re all set to live just like normal while your home is getting the transformation you’ve been dreaming of.

Consider these benefits of renting a short term apartment:

  • Easily extended leases so if the project takes longer, you don’t have to move back home until you’re ready;
  • Pet-friendly apartments so you don’t have to subject a cat or dog to strangers, noise, and danger;
  • Separate bedrooms, living spaces, and full kitchens, so you have plenty of space (unlike hotels);
  • No credit or reference checks – the convenience of checking into a hotel but with the amenities of an apartment;
  • Variety of floor plans, bedrooms, and other amenities for any family.

While there’s certainly no place like home, a short-term apartment is an excellent alternative when home is a construction zone!

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