No move is easy. It is difficult to uproot yourself from familiar surroundings and head into unfamiliar territory. When it comes to temporary housing, matters can get even more tricky. Finding yourself submerged in two different locations can make it difficult to keep track of everything. That is why it is essential to have a concrete plan on what to pack. This will make sure you are organized and make the most of your temporary housing situation. Here at Corporate Accommodations, we specialize in providing temporary housing that offers you comfort and privacy. We’ve compiled a list of essentials that you need to keep in mind while planning your next move to a temporary accommodation. 

Inquire About What is Included

Before we begin our guide on what to pack, it is essential that you are well informed about the details and specifications of your housing situation. Often corporate accommodations come fully furnished, so there is no need to move furniture. Be sure to contact your housing agency and inquire ahead regarding what is included in your package. Will the apartment be fully furnished? Are kitchen utensils and appliances available? Are linens provided? These questions will make it easier for you to decide what to pack as you make your move.

Items to Pack for Temporary Housing

Here’s our checklist for everything you need to pack while moving:

The Basics

The first category on your checklist should be your basics. These include the items and belongings that you require on an everyday basis. This category includes, but is not limited to :

  • Toiletries
  • Medication
  • Important documentation
  • First aid

Leaving behind your essentials can cause you inconvenience during your stay. You don’t want to be running off to the nearest drug store as soon as you arrive. So, make sure you’ve carefully packed these items well in advance.

Most temporary accommodations provide linens and towels. However, if you have a personal preference for fabric, or just prefer to use your own, make sure you add them to your list as well. 

The Right Wardrobe

When we think of packing, clothes are the first thing that comes to mind. In the case of a temporary housing situation, however, it is specifically important to pack the right clothes. Be sure that you are well informed about the climate and weather of the area you are moving to and pack accordingly. Pack clothing that is versatile and can last you a season. A mix of business, formal, and lounge wear would make for the perfect wardrobe. 

Electronic Devices

In today’s day and age, our electronic devices too have become essentials. Whether for work or merely for leisure, people prefer having their devices close to them. While packing, ensure you’ve kept your electronics and their various accessories. These may include:

  • Laptop
  • Chargers
  • Power cord
  • Mobile Phone
  • Headphones

Personal Items

While it is recommended to pack light when moving to a temporary location, it can’t hurt to bring along a few personal items. Moving to a new city is difficult and can bring its fair share of loneliness. In such a situation, you’re going to want your temporary stay to feel like home. Is there a family photo frame you’d like to keep on your bedside table? Or maybe a childhood book that brings you comfort? Bring it along! It’ll add a sense of familiarity to your apartment or house and make it feel like home away from home!

Double Check

We all know the frustration that comes with not being able to locate your phone charger. To save yourself the inconvenience of such issues, make sure you double check your list while packing. Did you pack your toothbrush? What about your comfortable sneakers? A minute spent double checking can save you the hours of hassle in the future. So make sure you take your precautions!

Let Corporate Accommodations Make you Feel at Home!

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