Having to move into a temporary home, for whatever reason, is quite common. Individuals oftentimes find themselves needing housing for months, or even years, until the next step of their housing journey becomes available.

Fortunately, in our modern day and age, there is not a shortage of options when it comes to temporary housing. From apartments to townhomes, you can find it all, which makes this decision much easier. Hopefully, with these tips for choosing a temporary home that we have provided, selecting your temporary living space should be even easier. Here are some helpful dos and don’ts of temporary housing that you should know to choose the most ideal option. 

Do: Understand how much space you (or you and your family) need.

Before you even begin searching for your temporary home, determine exactly how much space you will need. Consider all the factors of this decision and form a reasonable conclusion on how much space will accommodate you and your family. If applicable, ask yourself questions like:

  • How much room will my children need for their room and toys?
  • How much room will my pet need? Will my large or small dog be okay without a backyard or lots of space?
  • If I work from home, do I need an office space?
  • How much room will my elderly parent need to store their belongings and necessities?

There’s plenty of other questions along those lines that should be asked, but those sample questions should give you the idea. Be sure to answer these questions reasonably to keep you and your family safe, happy, and healthy, and to be prepared in case your stay extends longer than expected. It’s important to take this step before looking at places. After all, there’s nothing worse than finding the perfect apartment for an ideal price in a great location, only to discover that it does not have enough room to suit you and your family!

Do: Develop an understanding of the exact length of the stay

Obviously, the length of your stay in your temporary home will affect your options. For example, the perfect townhome may be acceptable to reside in for only a month, but become too expensive over a six-month stay. And, if an individual, who was unaware of the length of their stay, were to move into that townhome, but stay longer than expected, this would create financial issues. That is why it is important to determine the exact length of your stay, or at least a close estimate, beforehand, so that you will be able to thoroughly analyze your options and adhere to your budget. Whichever option you choose, be sure that it allows you the flexibility to extend your stay without adding financial or general stress to you.

Do: Develop an understanding of your exact budget and stick to it

It’s no secret that your financial well-being is a crucial component of your overall well-being. So, it is of utmost importance to never endanger your well-being or happiness by being unwise with your money. That is where budgets come into play. Before searching for a temporary residency, be sure to form a budget and determine a reasonable max level of money you can spend on the entirety of your home’s expenses, from rent to bills, each month. Whatever you do, do not break your budget.

Do: Be flexible and open-minded to both traditional and untraditional temporary housing units

When searching for your temporary home, keep in mind that this is only temporary. So, allow yourself to be more open-minded and flexible with your options. For example, you may only desire to move into a condo, but find an apartment that is the perfect size in the most ideal location, all for half the price of the condo. You wouldn’t have found that gem had you been closed off to any opportunities besides a condo, so be open-minded while searching to allow you to find the best option. Also, keep in mind that through your temporary residence may cause inconvenience, it is only short-term. A few of our most popular temporary apartment accommodations include Brassfield Park, and Crowne Gardens Apartments in Greensboro.

Do: Develop a solid understanding of what your deal breakers are

Don’t let a wonderful price trick you into renting something you will later regret. Avoid this by developing a solid list of what your absolute deal breakers are prior to beginning your search. Examples of common deal breakers include loud neighbors, the inability to have guests stay over, a curfew, the inability to have pets, restrictions on decorating or customizing your new space, lack of parking, long commutes, lack of extracurricular activities nearby, and so forth. Be sure to determine your personal deal breakers beforehand and stick with them to avoid feelings of regret and discontent. 

Do: Develop an understanding of nearby landmarks and attractions

For some individuals, having numerous restaurants and extracurricular activities just minutes away is a must. For others, having popular attractions nearby is not ideal. In the same way, some families wouldn’t mind a railroad nearby, while others would. While searching for your temporary home, it is important to be aware of the nearby landmarks and attractions of places you are considering, so that you can more closely accommodate your desires. Don’t sentence yourself to months of discontent while you’re unhappy with your environment. Learn the surrounding areas before entering into renting any residency, and ensure that they are to your liking.

 Do: Develop an understanding of your daily commute

It’s easy to think that a lengthier commute isn’t a big deal, but completely different when you must drive that commute every day. Before choosing your temporary home, take time to thoroughly consider your daily commute. Drive the distance for a few days to see if it is actually feasible and think about doing so for an extended period of time. This is an important thing to consider before selecting your temporary home.

 Don’t only look at the monthly rent

Do not simply only consider the monthly rent when selecting your temporary home. The monthly rent is rarely ever the entire cost. There are also expenses for utilities, parking, renters’ insurance, pet fees, general repairs, recycling services, and more. So, be sure to factor all these additional expenses into the equation when examining whether an option adheres to your budget. A helpful step to take is to begin your search early and take time to talk to the leasing managers yourself. Speaking with them will allow you to discover the comprehensive monthly price, rather than just the rent. Don’t make a decision based on the online information, as it usually neglects to include all the additional expenses.

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