If you have an extended trip planned or you are moving to a new city and want a short term option while you find a permanent place, you want to be comfortable but you also want to make a smart financial choice. If you’re wondering how much does a corporate apartment cost compared to a hotel, we’re taking a closer look at rates, value, and what may be the right option for you.

Average Costs of a Corporate Apartment in NC

It’s challenging to determine the cost of a corporate apartment, as pricing is fluctuating so frequently, but you can expect to pay a minimum of around $80 per day in North Carolina, which can increase to up to $155 per day. The rate you receive will be dependent on various factors including the lease term. For example, if the lease term is less than 90 days, then the price will most likely be higher. Rates are paid monthly, similar to a traditional apartment, and it’s important, when looking at the rates of both hotels and apartments to determine the size of the unit and the amenities included in a short term apartment. All of our corporate apartments are fully furnished and set up with all the utilities you need, and have a fully equipped kitchen to ensure your experience and stay is convenient and comfortable. Other considerations to take into account:


Another factor that will influence the cost of a corporate apartment is the location. In general apartments in Greensboro are going to be less expensive than Raleigh and Wilmington. But this also depends on which side of town you want to be located, as prices will vary depending on how sought after the area is and how convenient it is.

Choice of Apartment Community

The apartment community itself is another consideration when looking at short term rentals in NC. While apartment communities are priced differently, the actual apartments will also vary in price depending on their characteristics. For example, if the apartment unit is on the first, second, third floor etc, or if it has any upgrades and or special features like a view that make that unit more special. Lastly the floor plan of the apartment will affect the price. If you are looking at a studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, or 3 bedroom, expect the price to be different for each.

Reducing Costs Through a Corporate Apartment

When you’re considering your budget for living expenses, it’s important to go beyond the daily or monthly cost of the apartment or hotel itself. With a corporate apartment, you can save money on the following costs:


Utilities are included in your rent, including electric, water, gas (where applicable), trash, and even wi-fi and cable. You don’t have any extra fees or bills, so your rent is completely comprehensive.

Food and Groceries

Because the apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, you can avoid expensive take out and restaurant meals and cook at home. This will minimize your costs as well as provide you with healthier options. Hotels often only have microwaves and mini-fridges, meaning you’ll rely on restaurants and convenience foods at a more frequent rate.


Most furnished apartments come with an in-unit washer and dryer. This is not only convenient, it means you’re saving around $5 each time you do a load of laundry, whether it’s an on-site facility at the hotel or at a separate location. Plus, you get the benefit of not having to leave the comfort of home to do your laundry.

Pet Friendly Locations

Many corporate apartments are pet friendly, allowing you to bring your cat or dog with you, unlike many hotels. This means you don’t have to pay someone to watch your pet or worry about boarding costs, and even more important, you don’t have to go weeks or months without seeing your furry friend.

Fitness Centers

Look for a corporate apartment community that has an available gym or 24-hour fitness center to minimize the costs of having to get a temporary gym membership while you’re in town.

Sharing the Costs of a Corporate Apartment

If you and a friend or coworker will be in town at the same time, and you’re paying for housing out of a per diem or spending account, you can save money by rooming together. While you can do this with a hotel, you lose privacy and available space. With a temporary furnished apartment, you can rent a two-bedroom floor plan so you both have your space and privacy while keeping costs affordable. We can also configure the bed arrangement for our apartments to meet the needs of our clients.

Reserve an Affordable Corporate Apartment in North Carolina

When you break down the costs of a furnished, short-term apartment over a hotel, costs are often 50 percent lower at an apartment, plus we include everything to make every resident feel comfortable in their home away from home! We have multiple units across North Carolina, including WilmingtonWinston-SalemGreensboro, and Asheville. To rent an apartment or learn more, reach out to us today at 336-299-1312 or fill out the form below.