When you spend a lot of time traveling for work, you probably spend a lot of time in hotel rooms or temporary apartments that never quite feel like home. Since your stay is short-term, you’re limited in what you can bring and changes you can make to the space. So how can you make it feel more homey and less like temporary housing?

Luckily, there are several easy ways to make your temporary apartment feel more like your own home without doing anything that will jeopardize your security deposit.

7 Easy Ways to Make a Temporary Apartment Feel Like Home

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Put up Your Own Pictures & Art

This is one of the easiest ways to make temporary housing feel more homey. Bring along a few photos or favorite pieces of art to put around your apartment. While it’s unlikely that you can use nails in the walls of your rental, you can use removable adhesive strips to hang things or prop the pieces up on bookshelves or other pieces of furniture to display them without any risk of damage.

Use Your Own Bedding & Blankets

Many temporary apartments, including all Corporate Accommodations units, provide bedding and blankets, but using your own can make you feel extra comfortable. If you can’t bring an entire bedding set or comforter, just bringing your pillow or a favorite blanket or quilt can go a long way in making your temporary rental feel more like home.

Pack a Streaming Device

If you’re used to unwinding at night or on the weekend by streaming your favorite show, bring a streaming device to plug into the TV so you can keep up with your shows, just like you’d do if you were at home. These streaming devices are small and affordable, making them easy to pack and take with you wherever you go.

Bring a favorite candle

Of our five senses, scent is most strongly linked to memory. If you have a favorite candle, reed diffuser, or other air freshener that smells like home, bringing one to your temporary housing will instantly make it feel more home-like.

Pack a Few Books (Or an E-Reader)

If you’re an avid reader, going a month or more without reading is enough to make you feel uneasy. To avoid this, bring a few books you’ve been meaning to get to or save space by purchasing an e-reader. E-readers can hold dozens of books, are extremely affordable, and have screens that mimic paper so they aren’t damaging to your eyes.

Bring Your Favorite Coffee & Mug

For many of us, that first cup of coffee in the morning is an important part of our everyday routine. Having your favorite coffee out of your favorite mug every morning as if you were at home will help you feel more like you’re there. If you’re not a coffee drinker, bring your favorite tea!

Cook Your Own Meals

You probably don’t go out to eat every night at home so going out every night in your temporary rental will be a reminder that you’re not home. Most kitchens in temporary apartments, including all of Corporate Accommodations’ temporary rentals, come furnished with all the utensils, pots, pans, and dinnerware you need to cook most meals. Buy basic groceries (just enough for the time you’ll be there!) and cook for yourself. You’ll save money and feel more at home!

We Help Make Temporary Housing Feel More Like Home

At Corporate Accommodations, we strive to help you feel more comfortable when you’re away from home. Bring your own touches to our fully-furnished temporary apartments and enjoy your time away from home more than you ever thought possible. Whether you’re on a temporary work assignment or you’re moving to the Triad and need a place to stay until your permanent home is ready, we’ll help find the perfect short-term housing for you. Call us at 336-299-1312 or fill out the contact form below to get started!